Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Favorite Scraprooms

I've already admitted to coveting several scraprooms that belong to online bloggers and boarders, but I've never shared my favorite. I don't believe I've even seen it posted on a message board but it should be!

The room belongs to Mommietofive and is in the gallery at It's exactly what I want in a scraproom. Every nook and cranny has some little goodie tucked inside, and I mean EVERY little corner. I love it! It's organized clutter at it's best, and it's beautiful.

Thank you Mommietofive, for sharing your happy place with us.

If anyone knows if Mommietofive has a blog, please lead me to it. I've never found her in a gallery or blog other than the pictures of her scraproom.

Mommietofive's Scraproom