Monday, November 9, 2009

The Cubes

It's been weeks since the great cube debate (link to Erika's post and then the AMR post. Nope, just Erika's post because SHE linked her post to the AMR post....what a girl!) okay, this one.... HERE where I was contemplating buying some storage cubes once again.

You see, I've really wanted them for a long time but never had the room. Then I was going to move into a new place where I would have an ENTIRE WALL where I could set up as many cubes as my little heart desired. Yep, that was an exciting thing to think about and plan in my head...until a unit opened up and it was a completely DIFFERENT floor plan....arrgghh. No wall, no cubes, no desk, no storage, no nada...back to scrapbook supplies sharing space in a coat closet. And then I got the brilliant idea to trash my bedroom and create space! OUT with the chest of drawers, OUT with the dresser mirror, OUT with the night stands, the tables, the knick knacks and anything else that was in the way of my SCRAP CUBES!! Hey, it's an easy thing to do when your furniture is thirty-something, honest.

So after careful consideration of all the advice about storage cubes, and Erika's research and personal experience, I chose ...

Jetmax. And I love them. I put them together all by my little ole self with a Phillips screwdriver and I want more. I must admit, however, that I didn't put the drawers together, because I'm not sure I want them right now, AND because Erika scared me off them. But I have a trusty cordless screwdriver if I should change my mind...and I'm sure I will.

Just put these together today and I'm transferring the stash over, so they aren't organized yet. I started with four (4)cubes and a desk top, and I plan on adding more as needed. I have a lot of wall space now to expand and build on. :-)

Thanks Erika!